Swedish herring tray with ”Västerbotten” cheese and homemade crisp bread 139:-

Cream stewed chanterelles on rye bread with kale and seaweed caviar 185:-

Bleak roe from Kalix with toast and traditional assortments 30g.  250:- / 50g.  295:-

Professor Wretmans “Toast Skagen”, shrimps, mayonnaise, dill, with bleak roe  165:-

Three small sandwiches from the Swedish smorgasbord  165:-

Oysters Fine de Claire  35:-  6pcs 170:-  12pcs  340:-






”Smakas” meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberries  185:- / XL  215:-

Butter fried pike perch with burned crown dill cream, crushed potatoes with anchovy & chard broad beans, soured fennel and grilled lemon  245:-

Venison medallions with bacon wrapped haricots verts, kale stew, plum chutney, “Hasselbacks” potato and game gravy  325:-

Smakas fish au gratin  235:-

Burnt point cabbage with gremolata, creamy pearl barley

and caramelized chick peas  189:- (veg.)

Cured blackened salmon with dill creamed potatoes, mustard sauce and sweet rye bread crust  225:-

Small green salad  65:-

Tomato and red onion salad  65:-




Todays Special

ask your server






Lemon sorbet  55:-
With a dash of Swedish vodka 85:- 

Blackberry parfait with lemon curd, nut sprinkle and white chocolate ganache  105:-

Chocolate and almond tarte seasoned with cognac served with crème fraîche  105:- 

Swedish cheesecake with lightly whipped cream seasoned with punsch and preserved cloudberries 105:- 

Plopp or Dajm  24:-