Swedish herring tray with ”Västerbotten” cheese and homemade crisp bread 139:-

Bleak roe from Bottenviken with toast and traditional assortments 30g. 250:- / 50g. 295:-

Professor Wretmans ”toast Skagen”, shrimps, dill, mayonnaise with bleek roe 165:-

Puff pastry with mushroom & swiss chard stew, pickled turnip and rind cheese 155:- (veg)

Venison steak tartar with parnsnip chips, horseradish mayo and dried capers 165:-

Oysters, Fine de Claire, with shallot & champagne vinegar 1st 35:- / 6st 170:-

Smakas selection of Swedish charcuteries 149:-

Extended plateau with our favourites from the Swedish smorgasbord, min 2. persons 220:-/pp


”Smakas” meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberries 165:- / XL 190:-

Minced elk steak with mushroom and kale sauté, browned lingonberry butter and potato puré 220:-

Lightly salted codfish loin with shrimps, horseradish and browne butter 265:-

Spiced veison top blade with plum chutney, creamed black kale, strong cheese croquettes and game gravy 245:-

Fish soup from ”Västerhavet” with mussels, smoked shrimps, salmon, codfish, croutons and a lemon & caraway aioli 225:-

Baked cauliflower with pearl barley, apple, almond and cured lemon 189:- (veg)

Swedish butchers steak with fried potatoes, beer braised onion, spinach, tarragon mayonnaise and red wine sauce 235:-

Blackened cured salmon with mustard sauce, dill creamed potatoes and dark rye bread 215:-

Small green salad 65:-

Tomato and red onion salad 65:-


Lemon sorbet 55:-

With a dash of Swedish vodka 85:-

Baked winter apple in puff pastry with almond paste, lemon & cardamon crème and a caramel and rosemary syrup 105:-

Crème Brûlée  95:-

Vanilla ice cream with luke warm cloudberries, wafer and almond crisp 105:-

Swedish cheesecake ”country style” with warm blackberry compote and whipped cream seasoned with punsch 95:-

Plopp or Dajm 24:-

Coffee sweets 39:-